Kashif Altaf

IT System Analysis and Project Management

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List of Projects

Multiplatform™ Userful Corporation

Role: Product Manager

What is Multiplatform?
Userful Multiplatform is a simple and cost-effective solution to deploy Cloud, Windows and Linux desktops on zero client devices. IT Administrators can deploy more than 20 virtual desktops from 1 computer. Each user gets an independent and high performance computing experience.

My Responsibilities
Ensure development and launch of new products and/or releases
Requirements analysis and development for teams to have a high degree of clarity of exactly what they are building and for whom early on in a project
Clarity of features, target markets and pricing strategy for Internal and external sales and marketing teams
Increasing reseller and partner satisfaction and confidence with Userful's products
Maintain excellent business relationship with external OEMs, partners, and direct customers


Nah.... project list is in progress, it takes time to track and compile history :)
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